Welcome to Renown Insights, my personal space on the web. I’m Mike Nicholson, a consumer psychologist and marketing professor at Durham University Business School in the UK, where I also ‘earn my keep’ (administratively-speaking) as Associate Dean. In this space, you will find news about current projects, features on shopper marketing, and informed commentary on the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.  Normal ‘health warnings’ and disclaimers apply – all views expressed are merely my personal ones, not those of my institution, and so on.

All blogs are, by definition, somewhat self-indulgent and Renown Insights is no exception.  This space is therefore also home to what I now call Renown, my own particular brand of consumer motivational research. For around twenty years, I have been applying insights from evolutionary psychology and cognitive science to the study of consumer behaviour, exploring the ultimate source of our wants, needs and desires. In the Resources section of this space, I shall present accessible summaries of some of those ideas and suggest real-world marketing applications for them.  My guiding principle – by applying a neo-Darwinian lens, we can unpack the deep-rooted drivers of consumer behaviour and craft more sustainable FMCG brand strategies of true Renown.