Welcome to Renown Insights, my personal space on the web. I’m Mike Nicholson, a consumer psychologist and marketing professor at Durham University Business School in the UK, where I also ‘earn my keep’ (administratively-speaking) as Associate Dean. In this space, you will find news about current projects, features on shopper marketing, and informed commentary on the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.  Normal ‘health warnings’ and disclaimers apply – all views expressed are merely my personal ones, not those of my institution, and so on.

All blogs are, by definition, somewhat self-indulgent and Renown Insights is no exception.  This space is therefore also home to what I now call Renown, my own particular brand of consumer motivational research. For around twenty years, I have been isolating those ‘hard-wired’ deep-rooted drivers (DRDs) of consumer behaviour that are the ultimate source of our wants, needs and desires. In the Features section of this space, I shall present some of those ideas and suggest real-world marketing applications for them.  My guiding principle – by applying Renown, we can unpack the DRDs most salient to a brand and create sustainable FMCG strategies of true distinction.