Academically, my work is generally located within the consumer psychology discipline, though I would personally view myself more as an applied psychologist who just happens to have an interest in consumers and FMCG marketing.

Sponsored by the EPSRC and the fashion retailer Next, my original PhD research was in the then-emergent field of omni-channel consumer behaviour. This was one of the first longitudinal studies of consumer decision-making across multiple retail channels and I published one of the first papers in this area.  During this research, I came to realise that while marketers may view store, catalogue and internet shopping merely as use of distinct purchase channels, consumers actually experience these as quite different retail environments and, as such, they are prone to particular sets of marketing stimuli from shopping situation to situation.  This particular ‘take’ on the omni-channel consumer continues to inform my work today.

My research is firmly located within the shopper marketing paradigm.  The primary focus is on identifying those essential moments in the customer purchase journey and the contribution psychology can make at each touchpoint to shape consumer wants, needs and desires.  If we can better understand these moments, we can develop FMCG marketing strategies that are more effective, more innovative and – ultimately – more satisfying to our customers.  The Renown approach is a synthesis of some two decades of this work, an attempt to add more academic rigour to modern shopper marketing strategies through a systematic application of consumer psychology.

My approach to research is broadly a motivational one, albeit with a novel twist.  I combine traditional focus groups, touchpoint mapping and accompanied shopping with experimental work, media analyses and the latest ‘neuromarketing’ techniques.  I work with a number of leading brands, applying Renown and measuring outcomes – do get in touch if you are interested in broadening that collaboration further.

Selected Papers

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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers & Keynote Presentations

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